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Hello Product Hunters! We have just launched Flyr, the easiest way for people to create memorable event invites through fun & exciting GIF's on mobile. We're aiming to utilize the excitement factor of GIF's (the creative language of our generation), the mashup of rich media and the power of mobile messaging to help amplify the boring "event creation process" and make a fun "FLYR," for events instead. Event creation tools in the market are currently very data entry heavy, web focused and lack a fun solution for anyone to quickly share information about an upcoming event. Flyr focuses on creating memorable invites using shared interests amongst friends. You can create Flyrs for parties, weddings, vacations, beach hangouts, and any occasion in under a minute right on your iPhone. All of our friends currently in college have been asking for an easier way to create an invite for a party or campus event on mobile and we believe that this is an efficient solution for a problem that spans across every possible user, from children to adults. Feel free to chat with us here!
@nparasram Big fan of the simplicity of the app's design. Are there any additional features you will be adding to the app soon? RSVP?
@mwfalb Hi Mike! Thanks for the kind words. Yes! We are working actively on a simple RSVP system. We wanted to initially launch focusing on the content of the FLYR and providing a massive library (plus internal camera roll and Live FLYRs) for people to create simple and exciting invites and easily share them with their friends.
Hi @nparasram! Cool product. Only for iOS though? If so, any plans to make it available for android users?
@geeky_yang hi Phil! Yes iOS only as of now, android is in the works 😄
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