Call or text with multiple numbers from your phone

Thanks for the love, @ProductHunt. You can download Flyp today to try it yourselves - iPhone and Android
Flyp gives you multiple numbers on your phone.You can get up to 5 additional Flyp numbers. Subscription rates are: $2.99 USD per month for each additional Flyp phone number or $29.99 USD per year for each additional Flyp phone number. All Flyp phone number subscriptions include: › Choosing an area code for your Flyp number › The ability to customize your voicemail greeting › The ability to personalize Quick Reply responses
@kwdinc Pricing is actually $2.99/mo and $29.99/year. Thanks for the post!
@shacksays Oops, Updated . The appstore description says $4.99 and $49.99 !
@kwdinc Not a problem. You're right, it does--that will be changing soon in the description, but in the app it will show as $2.99 which is accurate.
How's it different to Burner?
@_jacksmith Hi Jack--Flyp numbers are permanent, real, reliable phone numbers. We have a proprietary technology that will allow for some powerful features to come. Much more flexibility and control than you've ever had with a mobile phone number.
@shacksays I use a couple different apps like this but most don't support image messaging. any plans or insight?
@imstilljosh Hey Josh. MMS is a bigger development undertaking than most realize, but it has become expected because we have it in our native messaging app--which is great. We chose to launch without it for right now so we didn't have to delay launch, but we understand the importance of having it in the near future (which we will plan to do in an app update).
@shacksays awesome! That feature is a game changer for me- and prolly some other users. and good luck- I'm sure it's a task!