$10 onward flight tickets for digital nomads

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Most countries require an "onward" ticket when you enter as a tourist that proves you'll be leaving before your visa ends. This service essentially buys the ticket on your behalf and let you rent it for $9.99, then cancels it after you safely land in the country. Buying and canceling onwards tickets is a well known hack for digital nomads and long term travelers, but canceling can be a major pain. I tested this out when flying into Thailand recently and it worked like a charm.
Also, the founder @donleebros is giving Product Hunters half off with this coupon: THANKSPH
This is great stuff and exactly what I need. Bought a test ticket first and then the 48h one. Worked very well for me :-)
Thanks @msarlitt for submitting this.
@donleebros my pleasure! It was a great service so I had to share.
Also thanks Michael @msarlitt for being one of our very first customers.