Flying With Kids

An app to help parents survive this terrifying experience

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Anuj Adhiya
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
My experience flying multiple times on long international flights with (1 and 2) kids from age 3 months through 6 years (alone and with wife) has been made pleasant with doing these 5 tried and tested simple things (over and above the obvious logistics you'd be taking care of for any flight) a. Pack minimal: If it doesn't fit in your backpack, it doesn't go. Exception: strollers - and only till the kids turn 2 - after that they walk. Less hassle for you. b. Be the LAST to board the plane: This is exactly the opposite of what the plane wants you to do because they think you need more time to settle in and/or you have FOMO on overhead storage. This issue is negated if you pack minimal. Your worst case is that your bag is under the seat in front of you. If you board first, you're now expecting your kid to spend somewhere in the region of 30 mins to sit still. Before the plane leaves. Do the opposite and board last - literally make them page you. This allows kids time to run around, feed, go potty, get tired so that when you get on the plane they're ready to pass out. c. Make the Dollar Store your friend: Go and spend 20-30 bucks on new toys, games, puzzles, stickers, activity books etc. Reveal these at opportune moments when the kid looks like they will be melting down or you need a break. d. Use Seatguru when booking to ensure that any of the following are taken care of: With infants - get a bulkhead seat if the plane has it (applicable more on long legs/int' flights). More legroom and the kid isn't going to be on your lap for the flight. Get window seats to curtail how many people your kid hits accidentally. Also get seats in such a way that one parent is always sitting in front of the kid and one beside. This corrals them and limits the damage to anyone else calm. This also avoids all the issues with having the kid not kick the seat in front of them. Less stress for all. e. Order kids meals on int'l flights: Kids get served first. This way you take care of their meal and can go back to playing with those toys you just bought, watch a movie, go to sleep or whatever it is and can eat your meal in peace On domestic flights, always have food/snacks - but not the high sugar variety that'll make them crazy (google "low-glycemic index snacks for kids") In my experience this takes care of 90+% of all issues (that can be taken care of).
James Denyer
James DenyerMaker@saved_latin · Dev Manager, Starbucks
@anujadhiya Great tips! It's always fun to talk to parents who have mastered the art and science. It amazes me to find those parents who are flying dozens of times a year with their children.
Anuj Adhiya
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
@saved_latin Cheers!
Nathalie Clément Bouteille
Nathalie Clément Bouteille@frenchinmilwaukee · Blogger
@anujadhiya I travelled with my 3 kids alone this summer. Could have used one or two advices like this :)
Renée Warren
Renée Warren@renee_warren · CEO, Onboardly
@anujadhiya Great tips!!
James Denyer
James DenyerMaker@saved_latin · Dev Manager, Starbucks
Hey All, Im James and I created this app after my wife and I took our first flight with our son last year. It was a complete nightmare and one of the most stressful moments of my entire life... but it gave me the idea for this app! Happy to answer any questions.
Matt Dyer
Matt Dyer@therealmattdyer · Project Manager
I'm excited to use this when I have kids!
Jeff Andersen
Jeff Andersen@jeffandersen · Co-founder @ManifoldCo
Is it purely checklist based? or are there any integrations. For instance, reminders to check into our flight at a certain time. Maybe something like easy ways to sign up for gate change alerts etc. All are fairly standard for people who travel, but could be things someone prepping the family to travel might forget.
James Denyer
James DenyerMaker@saved_latin · Dev Manager, Starbucks
@jeffandersen In addition to the checklists, there's other "how to deal with the chaos" type articles. It also has a music and video player with distracting and soothing sounds to help calm your little one. It's all uploaded into the app so non wi-fi required.
Aneela@ak310i · Entrepreneur
what does the panic button actually do?