Flying With Kids


An app to help parents survive this terrifying experience

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James Denyer
@saved_latin · Dev Manager, Starbucks
It gives you the ability to write a message and turn your phone into a "sign" to let you communicate with those around you. We had this feeling like everyone was giving us the evil eye when our little guy was upset. We wanted the ability to send a message, letting them know our son is really a charming and lovely guy and that we're trying our best to keep … See more


Anuj Adhiya
@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
My experience flying multiple times on long international flights with (1 and 2) kids from age 3 months through 6 years (alone and with wife) has been made pleasant with doing these 5 tried and tested simple things (over and above the obvious logistics you'd be taking care of for any flight) a. Pack minimal: If it doesn't fit in your backpack, it doesn't … See more
James Denyer
@saved_latin · Dev Manager, Starbucks
Hey All, Im James and I created this app after my wife and I took our first flight with our son last year. It was a complete nightmare and one of the most stressful moments of my entire life... but it gave me the idea for this app! Happy to answer any questions.
Matt Dyer
@therealmattdyer · Project Manager
I'm excited to use this when I have kids!
Jeff Andersen
@jeffandersen · Co-founder, Engineer @ManifoldCo
Is it purely checklist based? or are there any integrations. For instance, reminders to check into our flight at a certain time. Maybe something like easy ways to sign up for gate change alerts etc. All are fairly standard for people who travel, but could be things someone prepping the family to travel might forget.
@ak310i · Entrepreneur
what does the panic button actually do?