flying tent

All-In-One floating tent, bivy tent, hammock and rain poncho

Hey there. If camping, hiking or backpacking teaches us one lesson that applies to everyday life, it’s consolidating space. The flying tent is about just that: making four accessories we all take on bikepacking trips and weaving them into one, convertible gadget. And it’s pretty ingenious. The fyling tent is a combination of floating tent, bivy tent hammock and rain poncho and especially designed for people who are on the move in diverse terrain. Anywhere a tent can‘t go like the forest, jungle, wilderness or along river beds the flying tent is ready. Inclusive supplies it is squeezed down into a small 15-inch-by-13-inch bag that weighs under three pounds. This makes flying tent perfect for bike packer, camper or backpacker who need transportable gear to set up fast and go. CHECK IT OUT AND TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!