Preload pages before user click on it, making them load instantly
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Hi Hunters, I'm Gijo Varghese, creator of Flying Pages. Flying Pages is a tiny JavaScript code (1KB gzipped) that preloads links in the viewport or on mouse hover, so that inner pages are loaded instantly. Demo: - Preload pages in the viewport - Preload pages on mouse hover - Limits the number of preloads per second - Stops preloading if the server is busy/down - Understands user’s connection and preferences Give it a try and let me know what do you think in the comments Thanks!
Flying Pages improves the user experience as navigating between the pages of the WordPress site feels instant. The default settings (screenshot: can be tweaked if needed to exclude shop items from getting added to the cart etc. The dev is super helpful and has a great accompanying website on WordPress speedup and performance.
it worked perfectly fine for me, it accelerates my wordpress website
An awesome plugin by Gijo, needs improvement, but nothing can perfect the world so right now it is working absolutely fine. Would love if Gijo keeps adding more into this.
Extremely helpful plugin. It combines what and quicklink do without the hassle of setting both of them up. It also doesn't mess around with your data (google analytics), like Quicklinks do. Great work Gijo!