A fresh look at digital receipts & other documents.

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Always for crApple first... 😒
@erickbarron86 Thanks for the interest in flyceipts, Erick! We're planning on releasing android and web versions as well. Please stay tuned!
@erickbarron86 there's meaning in the madness.
Please check out our video preview of flyceipts on youtube:
@dsmatichuk The app is downloadable for free. It gives you 20 free receipts after the sign up. After using those, If you just use a few receipts a month, you can buy one of the one-time bundles, otherwise there's a premium subscription for a small fee of $3,5 per month, offering unlimited receipts, reports and other extra features.
@standa_musil is there a web interface? My iPhone is too small to use to manage documents.
@david_matichuk We are currently working hard on the web app. It will be released this fall. Please stay tuned :)
@david_matichuk Hi David, we are happy to announce that we have just released the web application!
I just tried it today and I'm having a few difficulties. 1-cannot preview pdf for some reason. That's very odd and challenging. 2-Report feature is not working. I push the button but nothing happens. That makes the app useless. 3-It's naming all my receipts Beaver Lumber for some reason. Where is that coming from? 4-The categories are extremely limiting. I don't have a use for any of them. 5-I need some kind of tagging feature so that I can assign a receipt to multiple groups and categories. I do this is shoeboxed and it's extremely helpful. 6-I cannot bulk import for some reason. Its extremely painful to have to import hundreds of receipts one at a time.... I could go on but as much as I love the price, I am unable to use the service without at least some of these things fixed, especially the bulk importing and exporting and the pdf thing. I might survive without tagging but I really value that greatly. It's hard to imagine organizing my receipts without tagging. Those are the biggies for me.
@david_matichuk Hi David, we can assist you with some of the issues if you just send us an e-mail at I can briefly address a few things: 1. This is a good point, we have this issue in the backlog and will address it soon. 2. Reports work only for premium users. The iOS app should redirect you to a purchase when tapped and for the web app, the whole feature should be hidden. Please send us an e-mail with the bug you are having. 3. That sounds like a bug of OCR, that we would be happy to work out with you. 4. Premium users can create custom categories using custom icons. 5. The feature of tags is sadly missing but it is planned to the future. 6. We are currently researching a way of a bulk upload, but this feature will most likely appear the next year. Kind Regards, Standa