Feel better after a night out

Flyby makes mornings after a night out a little less rough.

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Hi Product Hunters, founder of flyby here. Thanks for hunting us today Bram, psyched to be here! Like many of you, I drink once in a while and sometimes it makes the day after a little bit more difficult or way less productive. I also lack an enzyme that breaks down alcohol properly, making my hangovers exponentially worse. Frustrated with my situation and the lack of effective solutions out there, I spent over a year testing different formulations with the R&D team at a leading US manufacturer to develop flyby. It’s a pill which targets some of the main causes of a hangover such as, inflammation, nutrient loss, acetaldehyde buildup and more. If you’ve got any questions about the science behind flyby, fire away! We offer samples online so come check us out at Also, we have a very simple refund policy: feel better or get all your money back, including shipping. Thank you for your time!
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@eddiehuai interesting. Any discounts for Product Hunters?
@3raxton Thanks! Yeah, you can use PHFAM at checkout for 20% off :)
@eddiehuai brilliant. Is there any way to get free shipping on a sample pack?
@3raxton Shoot me an email at hello dot flyby dot co and we'll figure something out 👍
This looks nice - too bad shipping is $14.95 for the sample pack. Testing this product must've been hella fun I bet.. 🙄
@hidduh Hi Hidde, Unfortunately we haven't expanded distribution outside of the US which is why international shipping is so steep 😒 (but we're planning a global takeover soon!) Also, it's definitely fun when you can consider drinking beer market research...
Hey Eddie - There are a ton of similar products to prevent hangovers in the market today. How is yours different? Thanks!
@evan_besser Hey Evan, great question! IMO, there are a lot of products out there that will only target 1 or 2 aspects of a hangover (either through the inclusion of N-acetyl-cysteine or Milk Thistle). We try to approach hangovers by targeting multiple causes such as nutrient loss, toxin build up, inflammation, glutamine rebound and oxidative stress, allowing for a comprehensive approach. A lot of products also fail to address the mental effects of alcohol. Alcohol affects your neurotransmitters (things that sends messages throughout your brain). Specifically it increases GABA production which makes you relaxed/drowsy and decreases Glutamine which gives you energy/boosts your heart rate. This is why alcohol makes you fall asleep quickly but also why your sleep quality is decreased (ever wake up super early after a night out?). We include a pretty novel ingredient called DHM which has been shown to limit alcohol's effect on your GABA/glutamine receptors which'll help reduce the mental fog/fatigue you experience the next day. It's actually a really fascinating study which you can read more about here: Hope this helps!
Hi! Would this work the following morning, or would that be slightly too 'after the fact'?
@thomaswhitaker Hey Thomas – That would be a little bit too late IMO. While it'll still help speed up recovery time, it's best if taken before drinking so you can start processing those alcohol-induced toxins immediately. Plus the point of Flyby is to prevent hangovers beforehand ;)
This stuff is amazing! Best hangover cure I've taken (and I've tried many!)