Flyby 2.0 is a pill designed to boost your body’s natural response to alcohol so can wake up refreshed.

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Great work on this @eddiehuai! I've seen many different products that are similar to Flyby. What makes Flyby different?
@3raxton Hi Braxton – The key difference is the method behind how we extract, purify and control DHM's efficacy. Most products contain DHM in high concentrations but you won't get the same results as they typically have low solubility which is important for it's efficacy. We've run some tests against rats on various DHM blends and our DHM was shown to be 5X more effective. We're also the only product to use Red Ginseng which, has human trials on it's effects on hangovers ( Plus we don't use any artificial fillers/preservatives like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide which are found in most supplements.
Hi Product Hunt, founder and CEO here 👋 As many of you know, the hangover cure craze has recently been picking up steam, especially in Silicon Valley. For the past two years, our R&D team has been working like crazy to formulate what we believe is an extremely effective solution for the dreaded “post-drinking drag”. Flyby 2.0 is a pill centered around Dihydomyricetin (DHM), a compound extracted from the Oriental Raisin Tree. It’s had promising studies on how it can boost liver enzymes which metabolize toxic byproducts of alcohol (acetaldehyde) and limit alcohol's effect on your brain (so you don't wake up tired and anxious). But what sets us apart from other DHM products is a proprietary method we use to extract, purify and control its efficacy, making it 5X stronger than typical DHM blends you find on the market. Our formula is also packed with new ingredients such as Red Ginseng, Prickly Pear, Lotus Leaf, and Spirulina. These help target the other root causes of a hangover such as inflammation, nutrient loss, oxidative stress and more. Flyby 2.0 contains zero preservatives and artificial fillers too. If you’ve got any questions about the science behind our product, fire away! Thanks again, and looking forward to your feedback in the comments! 💌 PS – We offer free samples online so come check us out at and use code PHFAM for 15% off
Love Flyby and so does everyone that I have told about it! Works great everytime! First learned on Flyby on Product Hunt. Glad to see them back again.
@tamayers Hi Tam – Thanks for spreading the word and glad to be back :)
Great job !! 😊 soon going to be best selling in the world 😊

I've been using Flyby for almost over a year now and it definitely reduces the pain the next morning.


Reduces recovery time the next morning and more energy the next morning


Remembering to take the pills