A simple, fast, secure Gmail client

Flybox is a new way to check and send Gmail messages that is simple, fast, and secure. If you're tired of the labyrinth of cryptic buttons and bots that Gmail has become, check out Flybox!
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Hey hunters! Thanks for checking out Flybox! We were frustrated by Gmail's never ending pile of features we don't use and buttons we don't understand, so we put a lot of time and thought into making a clean, new interface that let's us focus on getting our inbox clear. Flybox is a progressive web app that works across platforms and has been verified by Google's new, rigorous security auditing process. It's a great new way to stay on top of your inbox, with a core experience that's as fluid as scanning your news feed. We've been using and testing Flybox for many months, and it's been a pleasure. If you're curious please give it a whirl and let us know what you think :) UPDATE 9/10/2019- We've decided to make Flybox free, and potentially add a pro version in the future if there's interest. Thanks everyone for trying it out!
I like the idea of scrolling through email, seeing everything inline, but to be honest the interface doesn't look very appealing... And because of that I'm not interested in trying the product out.
@anna_0x Thanks for the feedback! Yeah in our testing we found some people really loved the look and feel and some people didn't, guess you're in the latter group :)