A smart, global load balancer for developers

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Garry Tan
@garrytan · Angel Investor. Previously Partner, YC
Kurt and Jerome are both veterans from Compose (acquired by IBM) and know a ton about running high availability systems at large scale. We’re pretty psyched about fly.io because they’re bringing a ton of smarts to a layer that is incredibly powerful: your CDN/front end proxy. We’ve been impressed by how useful it is already— it’s a Cloudflare that is actuall… See more
Wow thanks for the hunt @garrytan. :D Hi everyone else! We're first time callers but long time listeners, I have to be careful on here or my kids may not eat. We've been working on Fly for what seems like an eternity (turns out, building a CDN from scratch is hard). This is something I've wanted to build for a very long time, and I know @jeromegn has too. … See more
Catalin Pop
This is useful. It's nice that you support geolocation and speed connection. Can we build more complex middleware based on some algorithm? The price is also good.
Dylan Jennings
@dylanjnz · &chill
How does this compare with products like AWS API gateway?
Ruben Garcia
@rubengarciam · Solutions Engineer @ Dropbox
Really keen to know more but /docs is broken