A smart, global load balancer for developers

Fly is an Application Delivery Network (ADN) that accelerates dynamic application delivery. We use a global network of servers to accept visitor traffic, run middleware on requests, then route them to backend applications. With a few clicks, your visitors will access your sites faster and more securely. Explore the untapped power of the edge!

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Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital
Kurt and Jerome are both veterans from Compose (acquired by IBM) and know a ton about running high availability systems at large scale. We’re pretty psyched about because they’re bringing a ton of smarts to a layer that is incredibly powerful: your CDN/front end proxy. We’ve been impressed by how useful it is already— it’s a Cloudflare that is actually what smart hackers and devops people want. Secure tunneling straight from app servers direct to the load balancer layer. Want to boost your SEO by having your blog on your home domain? Smart routing with lets you do that very simply. I think this is just the start of what a smart developer-oriented CDN can do. Excited to see what Kurt and Jerome have in store.
Wow thanks for the hunt @garrytan. :D Hi everyone else! We're first time callers but long time listeners, I have to be careful on here or my kids may not eat. We've been working on Fly for what seems like an eternity (turns out, building a CDN from scratch is hard). This is something I've wanted to build for a very long time, and I know @jeromegn has too. Back in 2008 or so I was working on Ars Technica and continually frustrated by the limitations of the load balancer/CDN/proxy layer. There was so much a good load balancer could have been doing for me ... 10 years later it's still a problem. When we sold Compose, we came out of it with a chance to work on whatever we wanted. We really, really like building and selling products to developers. Please hammer on us with questions / comments / criticisms and we'll make sure we respond to you. We're here all day.
@mrkurt @garrytan @jeromegn saw this pop up in Garry's feed - congrats!!! Very cool.
thanks @darbyw we couldn't have done it without Clerky. :)
This is useful. It's nice that you support geolocation and speed connection. Can we build more complex middleware based on some algorithm? The price is also good.
Jerome Gravel-Niquet
Co-Founder at
@catapop84 Thanks for the feedback! We're currently figuring out a secure way to allow users to make their own middleware. We're also adding more flexibility to our current middleware and routing rules system.
Kobi KadoshCode Artisan, Web solutionist @Ni
@jeromegn @catapop84 check auth0 rules they have created a neat solution for execution nodejs code in a sandbox environment
How does this compare with products like AWS API gateway?
Francis Kim
Full Stack Human
✌️ Great job! Added to:
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