The world’s first truly smart lamp

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2016
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Great to see FLUXO here! I met the guys at TechCrunch Disrupt in London this year, and they recorded a 10 second pitch video for my project: http://10secondpitch.tumblr.com. Here's their pitch:
They're a super passionate team and they're really deep into the product and its tech. 👏
Very cool product!
The first smart design lamp where you can move the light in any direction with app and sensor control.
@marietatibouet Thanks for hunting FLUXO! :-)
Wow, this is so cool! As a visual person I massively appreciate good lighting, especially some of the creative options here. The ability to have preset lighting scenarios that can be switched with a swipe is genius. So good that it's inspired me to create a collection with all the amazing tech I want at my new place. @wannabeedison @redefininglight – Where do you guys see this going in the long term? Do you have any vision of how this can get even better? Intrigued at your vision here, this seems so good I wouldn't know where to start with innovating on top of it. Mind blown.
@fredrivett thanks for your feedback! FLUXO is just the beginning, our vision is to develop a range of truly smart lamps that are all interconnected and learn from your behavior. Imagine a home where you don't need to think about the lighting, its just there where you need it when you need it. We also think that this technology will fit perfectly in restaurants, hotels and offices.
@wannabeedison Fantastic, now you say it that makes total sense. Excited for what you've done here and what's to come Robert, added to my newly created collection of things to get for the new home! All the best 👍 https://www.producthunt.com/@fre...