Fluxmob Bolt2

A wall charger and portable battery in one

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TylerHunter@tylerh · Writer
The Bolt and Bolt2 are by far my favorite mobile accessories. Adds a battery backup without taking up much more space than normal. Bolt2 also adds fast charging, 2 USB ports, and larger battery.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
I'm all for portable chargers... but this one reminds me of my current one. For some reason the one I have is in the shape of a cube, and no as 'portable' as I'd like - totally wrong shape for the pocket of my jeans... I fear this may have similar issues.
TylerHunter@tylerh · Writer
@bentossell it's definitely not as pocketable as something flat, but since the prongs fold up its ok. As far as size the original is still great for handheld and both are perfect for tossing in a backpack or laptop bag. I also haven't found anything as small that can pull double duty like this.
alan tran
alan tranMaker@alant310
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