Record a video with a specific showtime

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Recording a video of a future prediction, perhaps for a sporting event, with the time set after the event.
@david__weaver some other ideas: future happy birthday wish, future message to loved ones in case of death, personal almanac. I think this could be fun.
@anodigital @david__weaver Thank you. I developed this app because I wanted to send such time-capsules to my kids which they can open up later, may be on their birthdays or some special occasions. But definitely there are more such features on the cards.
@david__weaver this one is a great suggestion. May be I should tailor the app towards sporting event prediction :)
@vickyteke I like the idea of a group of friends having a bet - but keeping their prediction secret - all put their wager in, record the video, and it reveals at the end of the game. No one knows what each other has predicted so even if the result is going their way, they may have to split the money.
Hey Guys, Flutterbud is an iPhone app that I created in my spare time. It is a video publishing app where you can set a showtime on any video when it can be viewed by your friends. Since this is the first version, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
@vickyteke if you added a location-based "timer" feature this would be really cool for geo-caching. 👌🏼
@anodigital yes, this one too. What I have in mind is location based, event based and date based. Location would be easier to add.
Thank you everyone for the up-votes and making flutterbud trending on PH.
lets give it a try and will give you feedback soon
interesting must try
Interesting idea! Like the product. Just one thing, I notice on my iPhone 6. When I am recording m, the video is not fullscreen, there is black around it, but it is fullscreen when I watch the video back, after clicking the arrow.
@koolkoder Alec, thanks for bringing this up. I noticed there is a problem in autolayout for this particular screen. I am submitting a fix in the next release.