Dating app with no photos, no bios, no names until you match

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We created Flutter because we wanted something more authentic than the existing dating apps out there. Video is super powerful, and we think it is the secret to making online dating capture the magic of seeing someone in real life for the first time. With video, it is impossible to be anyone but yourself. There are two important things that make Flutter different from other dating apps that have tried to use video: 1. The video is live and two-way. You see them while they see you. 2. There is no sound. You don’t have to think of what to say, instead you can focus on the non-verbal aspects of the interaction.
We all strive for one crucial thing in our lives: connection. My attempts to find this connection through various dating apps has been an epic fail. I see a photo or two of an attractive man, maybe a charming sentence he has crafted into his profile, and from there I create this fantasy of who this person could be. This is all based on what my desires are and how I have imagined him. Flutter is cutting through the BS of dating apps by taking you straight into the eyes of another person. And yes, this is going to be totally scary for some people! But maybe thats a good thing. Ultimately this is not only going to change the way people interact, but it will stop wasting people’s time. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable. So when I walk into a restaurant, only to find my date two drinks in with an enormous ego and 30 extra pounds, I would say my time would have been better spent watching Tinker Bell at home with my kid. Now, if I had met him on Flutter instead, I would have quickly been able to sense the chemistry between us within the first 15 seconds.
Hey everyone :) Ashley and I are here, and we're happy to answer any questions you have. Also, we just launched video filters today, and we're giving away 2 free filters to anyone who goes to http://flutter.us?ref=producthunt
I hate to be negative about an attempt to make online dating more natural - love the idea - but how do you keep this from just becoming chat roulette, where you can't use it without seeing something truly unwanted?
@jelenawoehr great question. We've spent a lot of time thinking about that. So far, we've found that requiring location and Facebook login (with a minimum number of friends) helps a lot. We also have robust reporting, and anyone who is reported will have their account disabled immediately pending review. If these measures aren't enough, we can also do facial detection and blur the video when no face is present.
The exact same thing as meeting someone in person for first time .. The most efficient way to date I have ever witnessed in an app!