Flume 2.0

A beautiful Instagram client for the Mac


Ben Tossell
@bentossellΒ Β· Community Lead, Product Hunt
Tell us what is new here @rafifyalda :) Instagram for Mac apps seem to get a good response but then die out - I assume because of the permissions etc. How is Flume positioned with all of the obstacles?
Joost Schuur
@joostschuurΒ Β· Product manager, Playmob
@rafifyalda How does the app post to Instagram? There still don't seem to be any public APIs for that, even if you are an approved app. For an example of just how strong of a reaction you can get from Facebook for posting an Instagram app you can get (a year ago) that uses private APIs, see Uploader for Instagram.
Downloaded, beautiful app! Seeing as its on desktop I'll end up just using this to browse momentarily from time to time rather than power using as I do on my phone. Yet another way I can do a little less and focus just using my mac to get things done.
Mert Γ‡elik
@mert_celikΒ Β· Hustler
Loved the minimalist design!
This is pretty brilliant. Is it not possible to have multiple windows, 1 per account for Pro users? Just upgraded (manage an account for an organisation as well as my own personal one), and that's about the only thing that I'd say is lacking in an otherwise wonderful app!