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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Tell us what is new here @rafifyalda :)

Instagram for Mac apps seem to get a good response but then die out - I assume because of the permissions etc. How is Flume positioned with all of the obstacles?
@bentossell Hey Ben :) So basically as everyone is becoming aware, Instagram announced their API changes back in November last year, just a month after Flume launched, and the cut-off date was yesterday. I was pretty distraught with the fact that all the hard work Peter (@mirgehtsganzgut) and I put into Flume would be thrown away. I could totally understand the decision, the spam was growing, the follower circle spam was everywhere, and there were the cases of passwords being stolen from fake apps. After hearing nothing back from Instagram, I decided to just go ahead and re-engineer the app to continue working. Will it last? Hard to tell. I've done everything in the best interests, going so far as to add all the reporting, blocking and exact features that have never been possible with the regular API (which I think very few people would think about).

After fixing up Flume to keep working past June, I just decided to make it even better, especially for the business users that I know really dislike the fact the desktop experience for Instagram is sorely lacking. I can't picture any social media manager or marketer who enjoys having to create content on their desktop then switch it over to their phone. So I added upload support. Then I added Instagram Direct support. Then I just kept adding more and more refinements until I called it a day and the June 1st API deadline approached. There are small improvements all across the place, such as massively improved memory usage and fine-grained notification preferences.

Now that we are live with 2.0, we're going to start adding the remaining features that didn't make the cut (editing, tagged photos/locations).

Financially, we've made nothing you could have survived off the last 2.5 years we've been working on it. Going forward, we don't expect that to significantly change, we're just happy that something we built and love wasn't just destroyed overnight. We just hope that Instagram sees it the same way (I should point out that even if we were forced or banned from the App Store, Flume 2.0 would still continue to work indefinitely, for those that have it).
Alvaro Flores — Software Engineer
@rafifyalda @bentossell @mirgehtsganzgut nice work!, so how it works now?, you ask for the login data to fetch the timeline, so are you login into instagram and crawling the data from the page?
@neeph No, we don't page crawl anything. It Just Works (TM) 🙃
Alvaro Flores — Software Engineer
@rafifyalda jajjaaja 😎
Jp Valery — Product Manager @ Gameloft
@rafifyalda @bentossell @mirgehtsganzgut This was a great app. I enjoyed it, it was working flawlessly, uploading was easy.
Except that it's been a couple of days and apparently I can't upload anymore without a Pro upgrade.
I find this ninja change to be in contradiction with your "I should point out that even if we were forced or banned from the App Store, Flume 2.0 would still continue to work indefinitely, for those that have it)" and not very nicely done.
@jpvalery Hi Jp - with that quote I'm meaning that the way Flume communicates with Instagram will keep on working, nothing to do with the uploading trial which we offer (http://support.flumeapp.com/cust...- and on the introduction blog post which is what this Product Hunt post links to).

Free trialling of features is something that Apple doesn't make easy to explain or even offer, and while we thought we were doing everyone a favour by letting them see that the function actually works before paying for it, people are seemingly expecting it to always be free (it's listed in the App Store description as a Flume Pro feature).

While there could have been more messaging in the app for people who don't read App Store descriptions or come to it from the blog post or here, time was short given the API cutoff and it didn't make it in. As a result of the confusion (too many people considering it a "shady" practice rather than the intention I had of try-before-you-buy to prove it worked), I've pulled the 3 upload limit trial in a future update and the feature will be only possible with the purchase of Flume Pro.
Joost Schuur — Product manager, Playmob
@rafifyalda How does the app post to Instagram? There still don't seem to be any public APIs for that, even if you are an approved app.

For an example of just how strong of a reaction you can get from Facebook for posting an Instagram app you can get (a year ago) that uses private APIs, see Uploader for Instagram.
@joostschuur Flume is not just an uploader nor does it encourage spam or batch uploading. Even still, those apps are still around (if you search the web or Mac App Store, there are plenty of apps doing the same thing and are still live). If they decide to get their legal team involved, so be it I guess. Would be a sad outcome though (as is the killing of various Windows and iPad Instagram apps as of yesterday).

I should also point out by the way, that the aforementioned app still exists. Not sure what happened with the legal case there.
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