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FluidDATA is a search that let's users search spoken audio by phrase or mention

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David Klein
David Klein@dkleinof · Marketing and such
This is incredible
MachineBox.io@machineboxio · CEO, Machine Box
It'd be awesome if they combined it with some natural language processing so you might search for something like "frog" and get results with "toad". A good article on improving search with NLP QUICKLY here: https://blog.machinebox.io/incre...
Steve McDaniel
Steve McDanielMaker@nibbleshift
@machineboxio We currently have a significant amount of post processing and NLP that is happening behind the scenes. Those features will be detailed in a blog post and available with the release of our API (which will be announced in the blog post).
MachineBox.io@machineboxio · CEO, Machine Box
@nibbleshift Great - thanks. Look forward to it.
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight · chrisfrantz.me
What a fantastic service. Really interesting use case for tracking brand mentions (https://fluid.btpl.io/search?ter...) or getting insight into new tasks (https://fluid.btpl.io/search?ter...).
Chris Davis
Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
Abhilash Jain
Abhilash Jain@findabhilash · Customer Success / Growth
This is cool