Feel bored or anxious? This app can solve your problem! Play with fluids with a touch of your fingers. Experiment and play with those swirling substances. Gorgeous visuals with professional post-effects like bloom and sunrays.
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Brilliant! Makes great Live Wallpaper. Dev is very responsive and is constantly adding features or improving existing features. Just go get it!
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DamjanskiDo Something Good
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Léo BenoitOracle engineer consultant
I would like some clarification on this app. I downloaded it and it looks good and promising. What I would like to do is create a pattern and then save it as a screen saver on my iPhone 8. Plus. Once I create the screen saver and select it, I would like it to replay the pattern based on the creation I did. Is this possible at the current free to download option status or upgrade option? If so, how do I do this as I do not see it. If not, can this be included?
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Pavel Dobryakov
DO and doing awahwhat?
@haitianwatcher currently you can use iOS screen recorder to capture a clip then use it as a live wallpaper. I will add a builtin way to capture it