Fluid for Sketch

Sketch plugin to make your responsive designs more efficient

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Hey everyone! Cat here, 1/2 of the maker team. Myself and @matt_sven are pumped to finally get this plugin out into the designer (and engineer) community. Fluid is a Sketch plugin that provides a means to create more constraint-based, responsive designs—based on Auto Layout constraints. Fluid provides you with a number of tools (Preview Mode, Edit Constraints, Utilization of Mathematic expressions as values, etc.) that can be continually altered to your liking, in order to maximize on the responsiveness of your design work, getting an idea for the direction you're headed (think Espresso app for UI Design). When it comes to using Sketch for responsive design, Sketch itself provides you with the basics of what is needed, like a variety of artboard sizes for different devices. But nothing within or outside of Sketch existed until now, that provided you with a means of making your design time and responsive design work in general, much more efficient. The plugin itself is a WIP, as this is 1.0, but we'd love your feedback, questions and more to ensure we adapt and add based on your needs. Given that, feel free to send all of that our way. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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Hey guys, Matt here, Developer :) I handled the code side of things. We're super-psyched for you guys to try out the plugin and can't wait for your feedback. We've got a lot of things in mind and are continually working on improving Fluid.
Great work @imcatnoone and @matt_sven! I can't wait to try this out!
@markoxvee @imcatnoone Thanks so much Marko! Looking forward to your feedback :)
One of the most exciting Sketch plugins! I'm a big fan already. This makes responsive designing so much easier. Thanks for making this. Keep it up. 🙌
@snowfish2000 Thanks a ton, Olivier! :) Glad you think so.
Definately going to try this one out, and will report back with some feedback! :-)
@danielkempe Perfect, Daniel! Music to our ears :) looking forward to your feedback.
@williamchanner @danielkempe thanks a bunch, Will! :)
Jeez. Can't wait to dive in on this. Rebuilding screens at different (non-significant) breakpoints is one of my least favorite things ever. And on GitHub! Even more fun...
@clarklab Clark, thanks so much! And yesssss 🙈 Was a huge pain we were looking to solve. Both @matt_sven and I discussed (not too long ago) the ability to export your files using the preview, as well. The entire plugin as we said is a WIP, so we'd love your feedback, thoughts, and more.
I really appreciate that you guys put so much effort into something and released it as open source. Disappointed I can only upvote once.
@seanbolak Thank you, Sean! And likewise! But then again, there is always emoji to add to the happiness level where uprooting is limited 🔥