Fluent Reader

Modern, open-source desktop RSS reader

Fluent Reader is a modern, cross-platform, and open-source RSS Reader for the desktop.
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Hello there product hunters! Fluent Reader started as a quick side project to try Electron and React and has since come a long way in the past weeks. Current features of the app include: * A modern UI inspired by Fluent Design System with full dark mode support. * Import from or export to OPML files. * Full application data backup & restoration. * Read the full content with the built-in article view or open webpages by default. * Search for articles with regular expressions or filter by read status. * Hide, mark as read, or star articles automatically as they arrive with regular expression rules. * Organize your subscriptions with folder-like groupings. * Single-key keyboard shortcuts. You can get the app from Mac App Store, Microsoft Store, or GitHub releases.
Cool, man! Keep working!
@yang991178 Thanks for a more convenient way of reading!
It's so slow!!