Fluent Design for Bootstrap 4

First web UI Kit based on Microsoft Fluent Design system

We're proud to present another approach to web development: Fluent Design for Bootstrap

- 100+ Fluent UI elements

- 1400+ Fluent icons

- 74 CSS animations

- .scss files, templates

- tutorials

and many more...

Free for personal and commercial use.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hello ProductHunt nation! I'm Filip from MDB Team. Thanks for supporting our Fluent Design Kit! And of course thanks to @chrismessina for appreciating and hunting our project :D As a team specialized in creating web development tools and UI kits we're always eager to try new things and experiment. But our thing was always Material Design so when our latest project - Fluent Design for Bootstrap - captured so much attention we were astounded. Those joyful surprises when one of our analytics metrics is breaking yet another record are the best gratification for our hard work. We do our best to keep the highest standards of MDB tools and knowing that behind those numbers are people who truly appreciate what we do, that feels just great. So we're thankful. To 500 000 users, who already trusted our work. To Head Developers in respected organizations like NASA, IKEA, Samsung, Amazon, Yahoo and others, who decided that MDB is the best solution for their companies. And above all, we're thankful to Product Hunt and it's community, supporting our projects and leaving tone of priceless feedback during every MDB launch. Thank you! We hope that Fluent Design Kit is going to be a useful tool in your own projects, and that you'll support us in pioneering this new area of web design. After so much engagement we decided to keep updating and developing this project so stay tuned. Check it out and let us know what do you think! Cheers from the entire MDB Team <3
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chrismccoyIndie Developer
another awesome release, ive bought one of your products, stuff is high quality, keep up the good work!
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@chrismccoy Thanks for feedback! We're doing our best :)
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Ankita TibrewallSoftware Engineer
Such a wide variety. Amazing design. Loved it.
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