Everything you need to force your mind to learn

Fluany is a chrome extension to memorize and study anything, fast and easy while you're surfing the Internet.

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  • Pavel GvayFounder of Tortu / VUI designer at KODE

    Idea of interruption my browsing process


    I'd wan to see more exercises types

    Cool idea!

    Pavel Gvay has used this product for one week.


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Prabhu S@prabhu1101 · Maker of stuff!
Hey, Nice product and kudos for launching. I have a suggestion though, it is very hard to understand how to use the product from your website.. it is not even clear how it works.. at first I thought it was some flashcard application which shows flash card on every tab. I had to go to the site back and forth a couple of times to understand what it was and how to learn.
Victor IgorMaker@victorvoid
@prabhu1101 Thanks for your feedback, we will work to resolve this problem. :)
Arina Artemovna@arinaartyuh · project manager, AltSuite
Nice! Are you planning to add other languages in the future? Russian will be really useful :D
Oras Al-Kubaisi@orask · Software engineer, Startups passionate
@arinaartyuh I think you can create your own list
João PauloHunter@joaopvilla · Sr. Lead UX Designer @ ContaAzul
@arinaartyuh yes, you are in the control! Just add your cards and start learning Russian NOW! :) Watch the video to understand better how can you do that!
Arina Artemovna@arinaartyuh · project manager, AltSuite
@joaopvilla okey, I'll explore)
Andrew Vieira@andrew_vieira · Afterlife™- Hangover Cure
Hey guys don't see much info. So what is this exactly ? :)
Victor IgorMaker@victorvoid
@andrew_vieira Is a chrome extension for you to practice flashcards on any site :D you can read more about here: https://medium.com/@victorvoid/p...
Maxim Okhokhonin@maxim_okhokhonin · AR Production, producer, designer
Why wouldn't u get a translation from google automatically? This would be way more comfortable.
Victor IgorMaker@victorvoid
@maxim_okhokhonin Thanks for your feedback, we will examine this possibility. :D