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David West
@david_west · Product Manager @ Nibble Apps
We're now in a world where privacy is getting more & more traction & is making its way on to people's agenda. I stumbled across Flter last night on Kickstarter and was blown away by their product & service - they were super quick to answer my queries. I therefore knew I had to list it for you happy hunters to see. As you'll see in their launch… See more
Andreas Kambanis
@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
Nice. Though not a huge fan of ad blocking realising that a lot of content creators rely on it but perhaps that can be switched off? VPN/Encryption appeals for privacy
Adam Sweet
@adamrsweet · Drive high profit and fuel great success
Did anybody else have trouble understanding her?
Cheng Qian
@chiancheng · Editor, nicee.co
Hi David, how do you compile the list of malicious / privacy-intrusive ads? There're services like Ghostery and Disconnect. I wonder if your standard of blocking criteria is similar to theirs.