Privacy and security router. A filter for your internet

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Flter is the first privacy & security router to provide seamless encryption across every device at home.

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David West
David WestHunter@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
We're now in a world where privacy is getting more & more traction & attention. I stumbled across Flter last night and was blown away by their product & service. So bringing it here for you happy hunters to check out. As you'll see in their launch video, the router has ad-blocking capability built in for ANY device using your home network (think consoles, tablets, TVs etc), together with secure encryption for your general internet usage. The hardware can also be linked-up to work with any other VPN, but theirs seems really reliable so far. Given they'll be shipping units shortly, it won't be long before we can retire our tin hats & get it in our hands.
Andreas Kambanis
Andreas Kambanis@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
Nice. Though not a huge fan of ad blocking realising that a lot of content creators rely on it but perhaps that can be switched off? VPN/Encryption appeals for privacy
Peter DiPreta
Peter DiPretaMakerHiring@pdefine · founder @ flter
@andreaskam Hi Andreas! By default Flter only blocks malicious advertisements, harmful websites, and services that track you. These can be customized or turned off at anytime.
Andreas Kambanis
Andreas Kambanis@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
@pdefine nice! Thanks for the clarity!
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup@8farmroad
Did anybody else have trouble understanding her?
Cheng Qian
Cheng Qian@chiancheng · Editor, nicee.co
Hi David, how do you compile the list of malicious / privacy-intrusive ads? There're services like Ghostery and Disconnect. I wonder if your standard of blocking criteria is similar to theirs.
David West
David WestHunter@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
Having now tested the product for over a week now, I'd like to congratulate Peter and the whole Flter team who worked on this. The Router/filter is working impeccably and it's super smooth and reliable. The provided VPN service is even compatible with all content providers (here in the UK at least) and even if there were a problem, having a VPN Wifi setup and a non-VPN setup, is super convenient to be able to switch between. Kudos!