Easiest Way to Beautiful Presentations

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Here are 5 promo codes to get the Mac app (10.9+) for free. First come, first served :) MPFXTLW4AWTX TJAR799J3A46 7AMTNMPNMF4R AYETYH9J3Y3W HPHHPFRMJJKH
@brentbrookler Thank you for the promo code :) I think something big is missing in your product: the ability to import content from online service. People get media from the Internet. In that case you need to download it to your computer and then import it to your software, a better way would be to import it directly into your software.
@sylvainkalache Our pleasure! Thanks for the feedback. You can copy and paste as well as drag and drop images, videos, PDFs, etc onto the canvas. For example, you can be in Chrome, copy an image, then paste right into a FlowVella presentation screen. Our iPad app has more direct importing like you suggest, but for the desktop Mac app, we went with the assumption that users don't 'need' this, but maybe we're wrong and we should have more direct importing.
@brentbrookler I see the idea behind it. Typically my Downloads folder on my Mac is full of junk that is download here just for a transition step. Not THAT big deal but still. Also it would reduce the time it take to make a presentation if you directly import, just better UX. Another thing I noticed, when I switch to full screen slideshow mode the text looks pixelized, may be because you are converting to picture?
@sylvainkalache Yeah, you don't have to download to your Downloads folder, you can copy and then paste. In full screen, we show a preview picture for a second while navigating to new screens. I'd love to figure out if there is an issue beyond this. Want to send the link to the presentation?
@brentbrookler flowvella.com/s/3o9d
This is the relaunch from Flowboard. Our team and I have a ton of experience in building native iOS and Android content/media driven native apps. We've taken this knowhow and iterated and innovated to create an iPad/mobile first super simple to use tool to create interactive and beautiful presentations. Please let us know your thoughts! We have both Mac and iPad apps to create, and presentations can be viewed on any device. Featured on the Mac App Store right now and selling for $4.99 (super sale). Thanks for the support!
Your tag line: "Easiest Way to Beautiful Presentations" is killing me. Easiest way to [WHAT] Beautiful Presentations? Adds minimal value to my decision making process for downloading or paying for the product. If the use of the word "way" is directional vs action, then use a word like Path, Road, etc. If you want to pitch that you create beautiful presentations, then your word usage needs to just as beautiful.
@micah Thanks for the great feedback, really appreciate it. We've played with this wording and you make some great points. Perhaps we need to add 'Create' before 'Beautiful'. Or another tag line that has a similar message to convey.
@brentbrookler we product folks tend to be lazy with words (I am equally at fault). It's amazing how a word or two can totally change meaning and, more importantly, conversion. Tag lines should either make me smile, nod or have a moment of clarity. Trust and connection increases and so do downloads (of course, not as much as UI/UX fixes...) :)
@micah You are so correct, maybe not lazy, but we're product people and not necessarily 'word first' people. We'll continue to test tag lines until we find the best one - I like your criteria of what makes a good one. Thanks again, and please give our product a try. The Mac app is slick, so easy, and more killer features coming soon.
@micah Hey - we just added 'create' to the tag line on the web site :)
I really hope the name is in reference to something other than a favela...
@colbyh Flow + Novella roughly.
Mobile site needs a little work (sorry had to mention it) but looks cool!
@m1lesv never mind reloaded worked fine! Doh