Your personal asthma assistant

Your asthma. Under control. Manage your asthma treatments and medications so you never forget about them. Record your peak flows and get valuable suggestions from your action plan. Keep a record of your rescue inhaler usage and symptoms for future reference. All of this, seamlessly and easily managed with Flowtrend.

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Troy Tsubota
Troy TsubotaMaker@tktsubota · 2-year WWDC scholar, CareKit contributor
Hey Product Hunt, I’m Troy. I’m a freshman in high school living in Southern California, and I’ve personally had asthma my entire life. Flowtrend has been a vision of mine for a while, and it is finally available on the App Store! It is completely free with no ads, so I hope you can check it out! Features: - Today screen with quick access to the core features - Manage long-term prescription medications (treatments) - Record peak flows, rescue inhaler uses, and symptoms - Graphs! - Fine-grained notifications - HealthKit support - Integration with Apple’s CareKit I have many more features planned for future releases, including more personalization and improved data analysis. Be sure to follow the app on Twitter and like it on Facebook to stay updated. Flowtrend is currently only available in English in the United States and Canada, but will soon be available in more countries. Feel free to ask me anything about Flowtrend’s story, the app itself, or upcoming features. I’m also pretty new to this Product Hunt thing so I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks!
Hristiyan Dodov
Hristiyan Dodov@dodooov · Full-Stack Developer at Oblik Studio
That icon looks a bit strange if you tilt your head to the right... 🤔
Troy Tsubota
Troy TsubotaMaker@tktsubota · 2-year WWDC scholar, CareKit contributor
@hristiyandodov Hmm, good point. I'll see what changes I can make.