#4 Product of the WeekJune 09, 2016
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Hey Product Hunt! It’s great to be here again and present Flows! Stamplay is the Lego for APIs. An unified development platform with modules that abstract APIs, and a simple UI to chain together these modules as if they were lego blocks. It’s like if “Zapier and AWS had a baby”. The old fashioned IFTTT-like Tasks with trigger and actions fell short too often. Now they evolved and can expand to any number of steps you want. You can orchestrate all the building blocks of your app together so they work in harmony. Flows have also the capability to return to an URL of your choice everything they processed during their execution. This means that you can easily build custom APIs that execute a workflow and use them to extend a product already in place. Our users primarily use Stamplay to: build bots for Slack / Kik / Telegram automate workflows build web and mobile apps using it as a backend I’m available all day long to answer to any question :)
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@giuliano84 Looks pretty cool! Booked a session for monday. But would have a hard time committing to such tool unless the pricing was more transparent.
@matgosselin what's not transparent about the pricing?
@giuliano84 Oh! I just saw the first page: https://stamplay.com/pricing which doesn't show pricing at all. So thought that it's either free or you have to contact 'someone' to get the pricing. Either I haven't been observant enough or that's a bit misleading ;-). But now I can see on https://stamplay.com/pricing/self .
@giuliano84 btw for the premium, it says "20+ million". Does that mean it's uncapped?
@matgosselin no worries :) But it's a good feedback about the UX of that page
This is awesome, like IFTTT on steroids 💪!
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thanks @nagra__ ! Unlike the IFTTT we allow people to build full-fledged service based apps, you can build API endpoint that trigger workflows, you can run scheduled processes, or you can build an end-to-end app just by hooking up a front-end to the API you build with Stamplay. Basically Sky is the limit!
@giuliano84 @nagra__ Makes me remind those days of Yahoo Pipes. One of the projects I loved most, unfortunately taken down later.
@acpmasquerade @nagra__ yeah I think the concept has been there since a while now but I believe that this can happen only now with the fully matured API economy of today. Back in the days that tools where too focused on trying to make coding visual. This is about making programming visual using APIs which is a slight but fundamental difference.
Awesome product. It's great to see the continued evolution the code-free services trend to help people get their job done with minimal or zero coding. Go Stamplay! cheers, Paul Paul Boyce, Cofounder & CEO http://popcornmetrics.com
@paulmboyce you're right! The day where everyone will be able to bend the internet at their will is getting closer and closer :)
@giuliano84 exactly - and that's the goal, right?! :)
I look forward to using this. In a world where SaaS products are more valued by the number of useful integrations, this is a savior!
@ciricmarko Totally agreed! The number of SaaS applications has exploded and there is a rising wave of software innovation in the area of APIs that provide critical connective tissue and increasingly important functionality. There has been a proliferation of third-party API companies, which is fundamentally changing the dynamics of how software is created and brought to market. Developers have learned not to expend precious resources on reinventing the wheel but instead to rely on APIs from the larger platforms, such as Twilio, Stripe, Sendgrid, PubNub and so on.. Applications have no choice but to speak with other APIs as they are actually built using different APIs. Unfortunately composing services comes with challenges because APIs are different from each other and orchestrating them gets worst as you need to connect more of them. The number of ways to combine them increases exponentially and we’re just at the very beginning. This is why I believe that products like this can be huge enablers to help people put their ideas online :)
I used Stamplay, it is more than just a Baas platform. I really love it <3
@firasalmanna you rock! It's great to see people with so many different tech skills being able to use the platform to build apps