UX planning tool for creating a visual sitemap

#3 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2017

FlowMapp is online planning tool for creating a visual sitemap that will help you effectively design and plan a better UX for your websites.

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  • Pros: 

    I always wanted my sitemaps to look like they were created in Illustrator.


    Not sure about how to make Sections and content included in the Export.

    I created a beautiful site map with very little learning curve, really fast.

    I've already recommended it to my colleagues, and they've been asking about being able to export to WordPress, and how this compares with Slickplan in general.

    It would be great if it had the ability to import a sitemap from an XML sitemap file.

    It would also be great if I could work out how to export the Sections and content of sections.

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  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

    Beatiful minimal page preview templates (many of them), easy to se, can export in image format and PDF


    PDF export doesn't work for me, kinda expensive

    I think it's a fair business model to allow having one sitemap for free and only paying for more but I find it kinda expensive to be honest :) 8 $/month for 5 sitemaps... In any case, a VERY useful tool, huge time-saver!!!

    Anna Filou has used this product for one day.
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Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
Hi everyone, I'm Andrey Severin, the creator of FlowMapp - online UX planning tool for creating interactive visual sitemaps. FlowMapp is very effective for planning websites architecture and it allows all the participants in the process to cooperate with each other, which makes the workflow easier and more comfortable. Here is the main features: - Create a visually attractive sitemap without knowledge of special programs and code; - Choose page covers for easier reading of information; - Add descriptions of projects and pages; - Plan the structure of each page; - Discuss the pages inside the projects; - Edit sitemap online, in collaboration with colleagues or clients; - Share projects with colleagues and clients with the convenient function of sharing; - Notify users using @mention in comments; I hope that your work will become much more pleasant and effective with FlowMapp 💪 I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
@mention @severin Hey Andrey! I've just noticed "User Flow Coming Soon" in the app, but I don't see any other announcements. When can we expect this feature in the app? :)
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@mention @dimaishere Thanks for an interesting question. Now we are working on User Flow. Integration with the Sketch is planned for early 2018. Here you can see the nearest steps: https://flowmapp.com/roadmap/
Larry Kokoszka
Larry Kokoszka@larrykokoszka · Founder, Ghost Browser
@severin looks awesome. I would pay for it right now if I could pull existing pages from our site into the flow map. Start with what we have and edit from there.
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@larrykokoszka Thank you, Larry! I know what you mean. We already have requests for such functionality, perhaps we will make it in the near future.
Resh Wallaja
Resh Wallaja@resh · CEO, Kachyng
@mention @severin Congrats. It looks great. We use such maps a lot and have AutoDesk (yes Autodesk in a s/w company) to manage our flows. I'd love to show you what we do (I'm yet to find a commercial product that can do what Autodesk can, but I would love to walk away from Autodesk if possible.). Great work!
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight · chrisfrantz.me
This looks amazing. Finally I can stop using mind maps to hack together a site map.
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@frantzlight happy to hear that! Let me know if you will have any ideas of what to add 😉
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson@tomjohndesign · I make colored rectangles.
Lots of potential here. Would love to be able to use this for mobile and product design as well. Looks like most of the pages are geared towards corporate or marketing sites, which is great, just not my personal use case.
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@tomjohndesign Thank you Tom for sharing your opinion with us. We're working on introducing new tools and improving FlowMapp so we’ll definitely try to make this option available next year.
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
This looks really cool
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@theashtube thank you! It's really keeps our team happy and feel that we are on the right track. Cheers!
Julián Abad
Julián Abad@jabadhid · Digital Marketing & Innovation
Visually attractive, simple and with an affordable plan. I'm looking for an app like this as I'm facing a new UX project and I will try your app for sure! I'll come back with some feedback. Thanks for sharing!
Andrey Severin
Andrey SeverinMaker@severin · CEO FlowMapp
@jabadhid Great, we are looking forward to hear some feedback from you.