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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2019

Flowbase is a curated collection of assets, templates & guides from and for the Webflow community. Easily sort through clone-able products that are usable in your own web projects, or maybe learn something new with a guide. Updated Regularly! Thanks!

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I keep hearing great things about Webflow. You know something is really working when people build tools and business around your platform.
@rrhoover Absolutely! I think we'll be seeing a lot more in future too!
Hey Product Hunters! Thanks for checking out Flowbase! 🙌 Flowbase is my first side project for 2019 - and hopefully the start of many more this year as I become more involved in the maker community. The goal with Flowbase is make it easy to find useful clonables on webflow, without needing to sift through the literally thousands of posts on their showcase. Find something you like and save time by cloning the asset and its interactions directly into your own projects. I am super open to feedback so please if you have any thoughts share them below! Hope you guys enjoy the product 😊
Mate congrats on the launch, huge potential in this!
@sergiouxer Mateeeeee! Thanks for all the support 🤟
Hey! Finally released! Been a long time coming. Such a great resource for new and old Webflow users.

I've been using this product since day dot. Great product and great design.


Great resource for those both new and experienced to Webflow.