Organize your tabs into groups and access them anywhere.

Flowbar is the new bookmarking tool, tabs organizer, session saver, cpu liberator & mind declutterer.
Lives on the cloud, syncs on every computer, easy to use, minimal but functional.
We have more plans for Flowbar in the pipeline.
Thanks for the support!
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Been using for 2 weeks now. I really like the ability to move tabs between groups!
Who doesn't like to be organized? Who doesn't want to do something useful with that 20+ tabs that are open and running the fans of your laptop crazy? Who doesn't want a new bookmarking tool that you can reach on any computer since Del.icio.us has been taken away from us without even asking us? That is me. So we designed Flowbar. I looked at the similar and very popular Tab Manager/Bookmarking extensions. Combined their best features, removed their unnecessary complexities. It's just for Chrome now but we're working on bringing it on the other browsers at the moment.
Installed, logged in, clicked quick save all tabs. Chrome crashed. All tabs lost. Flowbar extension seemingly lost as well. Restarted Chrome and found that the extension was corrupted. Managed to repair it and thankfully was able to restore all tabs from the dashboard. Deleted extension.
@frassmith Hi Fraser, glad that you were able to restore your tabs. Sorry for the inconvenience. We haven't experienced such a problem before. Do you know that if your Chrome gets automatically updated? Would you mind installing and trying one more time? We're trying to identify the problem.
@bitez I'll try and give it another try tomorrow. I'm on Chrome 76, so regularly updated. Also on Ubuntu 19.04, if that's relevant.
Nice, for firefox?
@nabil_ben We're working on making it available on all Chromium based browsers like Brave, Opera, Yandex first. Firefox is definitely in the pipeline. I'll let you know.
@bitez How does this compare to Workona?