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Info instead of icons, a new kind of home screen for Android

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Hi everyone, I'm one of the co-creators of Flow along with @pents90. We're looking to get some feedback on our new direction for Android launchers. We've been Android devs for probably 7 years and think there's got to be something more we can do with the home screen. Just putting a grid of static icons seemed like a waste of that super valuable screen space. So we moved the icons down near your thumb to make them easier to reach, and replaced the rest of the screen with a scrolling feed. That way we can show you cool stuff from whatever networks you use, and put your notifications up top. We've also got a fast fuzzy search for launching the rest of the apps that aren't worth making a shortcut for. We also have themes, widget support, icon packs and more, but those are the main ideas. To get access use invite code HUNTED. Happy to hear any feedback, thanks!
This looks beautiful, @matthall2000 and @pents90.
Although this could get very distracting and overwhelming. I'm planning to pickup an Android device (along with my iPhone) for "research" purposes, so I'll give this a try then.
@pents90 @rrhoover Thanks, and glad you like it! That is one thing we're hearing from some people, that it can be overwhelming. We've got a couple themes now that reduce the noise, we'll see if that helps. Definitely worth getting an Android phone to try out, there's a lot of cool stuff going on on Android now and everything looks better since material design. The only weird problem right now is recommending a solid well rounded Android phone, everything out right now has big upsides and downsides :/
Looks really great. The thing I love most is a) that it still supports the traditional widgets on the home screen and b) the search to find the app functionality. The latter seems so basic, but it's so great. I'm already loving the "swipe down" versus "swipe to the left or right functionality. Great work guys. Excited to keep playing with this.
@crixlet Awesome, glad you're liking it so far. I definitely found that I depend on the quick search now, so much so that I use it even when I've made a shortcut for the app. I'm thinking we might need to better highlight the search though, a bunch of people seem to miss it entirely.
@matthall2000 Agreed. It took me a few mins to realize I had to swipe right to access the search icon. Small details. Overall, having used it all day i'm very impressed.
@crixlet Try long pressing the quick launcher when closed too, it'll jump straight to search.
Awesome. Srsly makes me want to go Android.