Flow by Plume Labs

The smart air quality tracker to help you find clean air

Flow by Plume Labs is a smart air quality tracker to help you take action against air pollution. Find clean air wherever you go, protect yourself and your loved ones, and build habits to improve your health and wellbeing. Help crowdsource maps of air quality in your city – let's find clean air, together!

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Hi there Product Hunt! ☁️ With @dlissmyr, we founded Plume Labs, an environmental tech startup, to help everyone take action to avoid air pollution. 💪 Smog is a leading avoidable cause of death. In the US air pollution affects 4 in 10 Americans and smog from car exhaust actually kills more people than road casualties! 😷 But because pollution is invisible and varies constantly over time and space, it's almost impossible to avoid. Until now. 🚀 For the last 3 years, we’ve been hard at work building Flow, a smart air quality tracker packed with amazing tech (we're talking lasers, nano-sensors, etc.) to track the most harmful pollutants both indoors and outdoors and give you actionable advice on how to reduce your exposure. 😎 We know better air quality data can make a difference. Runners, cyclists, young parents love the Plume Air Report, our mobile app using AI to forecast live air quality levels in 65 countries (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). Our forecasts helped 73% of active users change their daily routines (delay a run, bike away from major roads, etc.) to avoid the smog! 🏃 With Flow, we're bringing this to the next level: by tracking your personal exposure, Flow and its companion app will help you know what you breathe, find clean air wherever you go, and protect yourself and your loved ones from air pollution. 🤗 Join a community mapping the smog in your city to help find clean air for everyone. We'll build street-level maps of urban pollution thanks to the data you collect and open them through the Plume API, our air quality data platform to help you beat air pollution with one line of code: https://www.producthunt.com/post... 💻 We’re extremely excited to bring Flow into the world. But we cannot do this alone. 🙏 Pre-orders are open now, and you’re hearing about it here first! http://flow.plumelabs.com 😻 Help us show that technology can help take on the world's challenges. Join the movement and let’s find clean air, together! 🙌
Awesome product, congratulations!
@nico_lrx Thanks for your support Nicolas!
I've been following these folks since they launched the Pigeon Air Patrol in London as a cool Twitter hack a couple of years ago, and then built out the beta product, which I've been using as a member of the Plume Air Patrol squad. There were some early issues with battery life etc, but in general the early version of the Flow was great, and also a great talking point when talking with friends about air quality in London. I'm a huge fan of crowdsourcing sensor data like this and I think the Plume team have a great product. Recommended!
@andypiper Hi Andy, thank you so much for the kind words – and again for being part of the London Air Patrol beta test! Extremely kind of you. Glad you enjoyed the experience of using the beta sensors, and can't wait to send you Flow once we ship it!
Awesome idea congrats. How about having air quality sensor on every public bus to crowd source the data?
@ethanyfan hi Ethan, thanks a lot! Yes that's a great idea and we know potential partners who could help. At this point though we're 100% focused on helping individuals track their own exposure in order to build healthier habits. We think it's also the best way to crowdsource air quality: we ran a beta test in London with 100 volunteers over 3 months and managed to cover 2000km of sidewalks and about 20% of inner London!
I was in Portland, OR and Vancouver, Canada last week. It would have been interesting to see what the air quality was after all the forest fires blowing through
@chadwhitaker thanks Chad! You can check our mobile app for live air quality forecasts in 65 countries around the world: https://www.producthunt.com/post.... For example in Vancouver: https://air.plumelabs.com/en/liv...