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#2 Product of the WeekMarch 06, 2018
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Flow is beautiful project and task management software for teams everywhere.

The new Flow introduces a brand-new look and feel, powerful project planning and resource management tools, and greater flexibility for different teams and workflows.

  • Alex Heeton
    Alex HeetonProduct & Technology consultant

    Fast, focused, flexible enough for both our design and dev teams.


    Missing some dedicated software tracking features like velocity tracking, but we use labels and naming to get around this. Still worth it.

    My favourite team management tool out of Trello, Basecamp, Asana and Pivotal tracker. My team was using the previous version of Flow for a couple of years, and this beta for the last few months. Psyched to see it all go live!

    P.S. Love the music in the video :)

    Alex Heeton has used this product for one year.
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  • Paul Stephenson
    Paul StephensonFounder/CEO, 47 Insights

    Perfect balance of powerful features presented in an intuitive interface.


    Can't track time natively but integrates with Harvest, which suits us.

    A great project and task management tool for teams. Allows you to create, schedule and manage projects and tasks, and keep any eye on progress quickly and easily. A 'Goldilocks' solution with just the right amount of functionality to get the job done. Perfect for marketing teams like us.

    Paul Stephenson has used this product for one year.
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Mark Henderson
Mark HendersonMaker@markhenderson77 · Former CEO Flow, COO SaaSquatch, Intuit
Hey Product Hunt! After almost a year in the works, we couldn’t be more excited to finally share the completely new version of Flow — our project and task management app for teams. Alongside a completely redesigned interface, the new Flow adds tons of great new features, including: • More flexible tools to manage your team’s work, including the new projects dashboard, custom project colors, redesigned project and task views, and more. • More powerful project planning tools, including horizontal project timelines and project schedules — ideal for Gantt workflows. • New resource management features to help you view and balance your entire team (or company’s) workload for the week, month, and beyond. • New features to better manage larger teams give you clearer visibility into everything happening at every level of your organization. We have a great deal for Product Hunt, too: Apply the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout to save 50% off any new annual plan, or 30% off any new monthly plan, for your first year. Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear it! Cheers!
Minnix@minnixio · A mind possessed by bits and pixels.
@markhenderson77 We need a free plan 🦋
Chad Fullerton
Chad Fullerton@chad_fullerton · Founder, FullertonMedia
@markhenderson77 Congrats on the launch! Any lifetime account for early adopters of the new service? It looks like a great service that I could let my network know about. Msg me!
Jason Amunwa
Jason Amunwa@king_jaffy · I help app devs grow users & revenue
@markhenderson77 All the congrats, Mark, I know you & the team have been slaving over this for a while! Awesome to see Flow in the spotlight again!
Mark Henderson
Mark HendersonMaker@markhenderson77 · Former CEO Flow, COO SaaSquatch, Intuit
@king_jaffy thanks Jason, that means a lot. This has been a long time coming, and the team sweat every detail on this one.
Ahmad Abu-omar
Ahmad Abu-omar@ahmadao · Entrepreneur, full stack developer.
@markhenderson77 I am trying to subscribe and I put the coupon code but the discount says 38% not 50%
kimia hamidi
kimia hamidi@hkimia · Founder
Absolutely love the video, definitely the second-best Flow product video. Anyone else remember this vintage gem? https://sandwichvideo.com/projec...
Pierre Ragois
Pierre Ragois@vpierrev · Designer & co-funder @Kuroneko_io
@hkimia Dude!! so cool to resurface it :)
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love the PH kitty graphics, @markhenderson77. 😸
Saransh Sinha
Saransh SinhaMaker@screenshake · Product Designer at MetaLab
Thanks @rrhoover! We've been advocates for Cats in Apps since 2016 : https://dribbble.com/shots/29112...
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@screenshake purrfect
Phil Buckendorf
Phil Buckendorf@pbuckendorf · Product-driven entrepreneur
This looks like "Let's copy Roadmap https://onroadmap.com as much as we can add more gasoline on it". Why are you guys not simply teaming up and build one amazing product everyone would benefit from?
Russell In
Russell In@russell_out · Cofounder & CEO, Luau
Really cool how you guys put the whole team as the "Makers", haven't seen a lot of that. And product looks great - like a sexier Airtable hahah