Precise low cost wireless control dial (pre-launch)

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I wrote about why I really like Flow here: http://blog.garrytan.com/why-flo... TLDR is that this thing makes making adjustments on sliders a thing of the past. No more trying to acquire a target on a slider 100x and then not being able to hit a value in between two of the pixel notches on there.
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Thank you so much for taking the time two write this. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
Great product! I'm always a fan of more human interface devices—keyboard/mouse seems far too limiting. And the dream to combine the physical and the digital is awesome. It seems like the advantage of this over Griffin's PowerMate, which is a similar wireless control dial, is the touch and gesture control available with it. That seems like a pretty huge upgrade that makes this more than just a "control dial" but more of a multi-input device.
Love seeing these real-life interfaces! I think It's a must-have for creatives for sure. Reminds me of @palettegear
Yet another great Berlin team repping on ProductHunt. I think it's time to self-organize another meetup, there's a kit somewhere right?