Know what happens to your presentations (pre-launch)

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@ryangum: this looks solid. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
via the excellent @theStartupSpace It looks like an interesting product and they are looking for a founding lead engineer (see related links).
any insight as to how it will differ to DocSend?
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, I know you're a big fan of DocSend and they've got a great product. DocSend is for all business documents across a wide range of use cases. Flow aims to focus on the sales use case only. e.g. Sales reps who send a high number of presentations. The two products might be fairly similar at the moment but should take different paths as we continue to develop sales focused features.
@ryangum ok; how do you see your future roadmap putting you more inline with sales people? the sales team at my last startup loved clearslide.
@_jacksmith Ultimately the roadmap will be determined by how the customers respond to Flow. But to answer your question from a different perspective, we see clearslide as an enterprise focused (and priced) product. We'll aim for the SMB market with a freemium model to match. It's definitely a great product too but a little heavier than what we do.
@ryangum how will the freemium part work? I do agree that it's pretty expensive. but the team found it invaluable. and this is a startup sales team, not enterprise btw
@_jacksmith We're still testing out some ideas but will likely be a monthly cap on files, and then added features like additional customization, team analytics, etc... I'd love to know, did they use the live presentation feature the most or the email pitch feature?
3rd Start up this year covering this use case. Looks like it's a pain point worth solving :-)
@mastef which were the other companies solving this use case?
Nice and clear website with plenty of clear value communicated. Well done. nnI'm thinking about using it to iterate on pitchdecks for investors.
@PieterPaul Thanks Pieter, big fan of Pie. We've been using it for our pitch deck on investors too.
@ryangum That's great to hear! Thanks for your support. btw: we're launching a major product update soon, just so you know. Planning to announce exclusively on PH ;-)