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@billyffrench, I named my chatbot after Florence Nightingale, but of course I know about the viget exploration. It actually helped me. I tried to reach out to them, but they didn't respond.
Thank you @__tosh for hunting my project! I’m David, the creator of Florence. Florence helps you to keep track of your health and reminds you to take your meds. The above video is a bit old, best you check out the current version of Florence on Skype, Facebook messenger or Kik. Florence is still at an early stage. I try to develop Florence based on your Feedback, so let me know if you have any suggestions!
@florence @__tosh best you join a next botscamp ;-)
It's an interesting idea and helpful tool. Keep us informed about further app development!
Florence is a great showcase for how a personal health assistant on Facebook Messenger can feel like. I'm super curious about what other kinds of quantified self companions we'll see going forward. This is a glimpse into the future.
this won't just lead me to think that i have cancer, right? :D
@claire_reitz, I integrated a basic symptom checker earlier on, because I think it can give you additional information (based on trustworthy content) and improve the quality of the diagnosis by your physician. However, I removed the symptom checker from the menu, because at the moment I like to focus on the functions which have shown the most promising inside a messing app (e. g. Period tracking or med reminder).