Advanced fuzzy matching & lookup functions for Google Sheets

Flookup is an advanced fuzzy matching and lookup add-on for Google Sheets. It's useful for comparing and looking up text based on percentage or sound similarity.
Flookup can also be used to highlight cells or delete selected rows with duplicate values.

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Hello fellow hunters and thank you for taking interest in Flookup. Flookup was born out of necessity. I was working on a project that required matching thousands of rows of data and manually working my way through 5000 rows of "dirty" data usually took about week (on average). My first attempt to solve this issue was to use a fuzzy matching algorithm from Mr Excel written in VBA. It had certain issues with consistency in that percentage similarities I expected to be 0% weren't exactly 0%, percentage similarities that seemed to be about 60% looked more like 90%, etc. So, in order to improve my results, I switched to Levenshtein/Damerau-Levenshtein. This was a major improvement but quite slow in Excel. Next I skipped over to Jaro-Winkler but quickly dropped it soon afterwards because the improvement from Levenshtein wasn't that significant. Eventually, I developed the initial (private) version of Flookup and the task time was immediately cut down to approximately 30 minutes. I drew inspiration from excellent implementations like the Fuzzy Lookup add-in by Microsoft and reinforced it with lessons learned from my previous experiences with the different fuzzy matching algorithms. Today, Flookup is a free (donation supported) add-on for Google Sheets and many users report that it has indeed saved them a lot of time. Take time to add it to your toolbox; you'll find it worthwhile. You can find out much more about the add-on by visiting https://www.getflookup.com

It can be used to perform vertical lookups on any column and horizontal lookups on any row, based on percentage or sound similarity. It can also be used to highlight or delete duplicate values by sound or percentage similarity.


Flookup makes working with unsorted, uncleaned or even clean data much easier


It doesn't work offline