FLOCK helps create more productive #remoteworkers. By helping YOU investigate and understand YOUR #companyculture and the values of YOUR employees who are #workingfromhome. So YOU can manage the most important asset in YOUR business. YOUR FLOCK.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
I invested in FLOCK a couple of years back when I met Michal who founded the company. We are now looking to work with #remoteworking teams.
Excellent tool for setting and measuring company culture
We used FLOCK for recruiting partners and training suppliers at www.greatmarketingworks.co.uk and it worked really well.
Amazing product. We were able to culture map the company and in no time understand the motivations of the team members and the support they would need for remote working. This has been an invaluable tool for our business and would be for anyone else to use no matter how big or small.
@benjamin_findlay1 thanks Ben most kind...
FLOCK has been brilliant for us, both internally and for our customers. As a recruiter we use this with our clients to help them not just hire on skills but also culture. For us internally moved a team member to a different role and saw an upturn in performance by over 33%. Really good tool. They are really open to feedback too, so have added some new features on to the product based on feedback. 10/10
@andy_almond great to hear Andy... Love it.