A place to follow and share lists of cool people on Twitter

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I’m always intrigued by origin stories, even if they’re fairly recent, and I found this one about flock interesting: https://medium.com/@basche42/sha... One of the many cool lists created so far: http://flockaflame.com/lists/A16... – even just previewing tweets from the flock site you can get an idea of what A16Z is thinking about.
This is pretty cool! Lists is such an under-utilised aspect of Twitter but, I feel, because they haven't done anything with it to make it prominent enough. Its clunky. I'd use this not for bulk following because I don't see the value there (unless I go back and unfollow some after - which creates more work for me) but good to see who is active in certain spaces or teams and have a high-level view of what they tweet about. Nice work @basche42 @Zreitano You can see their story on Medium here
I think anything that supercharges and short circuits the process of finding the RIGHT people to follow is magic. Great job!
@zreitano As a big fan of twitter lists I think this is great - would you ever be tempted to add a chrome extension as well, which could be used whilst on Twitter to find lists to follow? (As thats when i'm most likely to search for a list to follow)
@russellbarnard thanks Russell! I think that is a great idea! What were you imagining? You're scrolling through your feed on the web and we grab the users you're currently looking at and do our best to categorize them and show you 'similar/relevant' lists on Flock?
@zreitano Yes I think that would work nicely. I tend to prefer extensions that directly add content onto the page, in my head it might show the suggested lists similar to the 'who to follow' element or something similar to this.
Extremely nice presentation!