Daily standups for remote teams

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Ade Olonoh
@adeolonoh · Co-Founder, Jell
@bryanpostelnek Thanks! I see Flock and Trello as being pretty different fundamentally. While you could probably jerry-rig Trello for daily standups, it's really a project management tool. Flock is designed to let individuals quickly share their plans and progress each day. There's also associated functionality to give you a quick views of a team, browse the… See more
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Ade Olonoh
@adeolonoh · Co-Founder, Jell
Hey guys- I'm one of the creators of Flock. We hope you find it useful. Any feedback is appreciated, and happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Information shared in stand up meetings is among the most valuable things to be aware of for teams. It's great to see tools like Flock that think about how to support remote teams that often are distributed among various time-zones making stand-ups not only physically challenging.
Ross Simmonds
@thecoolestcool · GetCrate.co + Hustle & Grind
This is great - I've used iDoneThis in the past when working with a remote team but this is pretty slick. I really like the interface and the simplicity. Thanks for building.
vlad ko
@vladkotwt · Master of Gears
started using the product yesterday and already see a lot of value... what would a great a addition is an automated slack reminders. also it would be great to have the reminders be somewhat intelligent based on time zones of individual team members. (if no status has been posted by set time, a reminder should be triggered. ideally the deadline should be adj… See more
Bryan Postelnek
@bryanpostelnek · Product Owner, Angie's List
@adeolonoh Very cool interface and I like it a lot. What are the benefits of Flock vs. Trello? Are there any plans for integrations with project management tools, such as JIRA and Asana, such that when you complete one of the tasks, it updates in the project management tool?