A messaging app for making plans

Adam here, co-founder of Flock, a 2-man side project were building to help solve a problem that we have: easily making group plans! Before Flock, we primarily used text messaging but found it annoying to not be able to leave threads, invite new ppl once a conversation started, and to not have a central place to see what plans we were actually trying to make. With Flock, you can easily make casual or specific plans, invite friends, and join/leave the conversation as you see fit. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the next release!
Hey - Just testing this out, love the idea. One quick thing to think about, is for a trip you want to plan, but don't have the details. For example, I have a trip I go on with a few friends every few months, but no specific date and/or location as it changes. I want to create an event with a Name/Description, invite people and then update the when/where after we have a conversation. Also think adding a poll or vote system would be slick. Great Stuff :)
is this available internationally?
@johnmurch thanks for the note! One of my favorite features of Flock is the ability to create plans without a specific time or location in mind. For example, we currently allow you to pick 'casual' locations and times like "I wanna go to Colorado sometime soon" We've thought a lot about adding a polling system. While polling is a pretty slick feature, I think that it would make the app more complicated than it needs to be. Overall as we move forward we're aiming to simplify the UI and take features away vs bloating the app with more features. Either way, I appreciate the feedback and am gonna try and see if I can think of a clever way to add polling :)