Floating In-App Notifications by QGraph

Non-intrusive & 1:1 personalized messages for android/iOS

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manoj chiriki
manoj chirikiMaker@manojchiriki · Product Manager, QGraph
Hi Everyone! This is QGraph's take on the age old in-app notifications. While in-app notifications are increasingly becoming a go to marketing channel, they lack in the user experience department. Imagine opening an app and getting interrupted with in-app notification which in most cases is a generic message. We are trying to solve this problem with QGraph's Floating, Persistent and Contextual in-app notifications. What is a Floating in-app? The in-app notification is stored in a floating bubble, similar to a chat head. This allows the user to continue using your app and still have the in-app notification within a click's reach. Why Persistent? In-app notifications are displayed after the user launches the app. Most users open the app with a purpose. We believe that nothing should hinder the user's activity. With a notification which persists across screens in a floating bubble, the user can get back to your message whenever she is ready to take an action. What about Contextual? Contextual messages allow an app marketer to nudge the user with the right message at the right time. A new user going through your catalog responds to a different message as compared to a user who is considering a product in cart. QGraph allows you to leverage this data to provide relevant and personal in-app experiences to your users. To this end, we offer a unique format - a simple text in-app, which appears as a non intrusive chat bubble. Engage your users with the relevant message with out interrupting their flow. Happy to answer any questions you may have about QGraph and how we can add to your app marketing efforts.