Floating Apps

Real multitasking on Android phone or tablet.

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Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
Hello hunters, it's Václav here, an original developer of Floating Apps. This project has been around for 2 years and it's still the most popular application of this kind on Google Play. For several weeks, it was #1 paid application on Play Store in Productivity. Originally, I've created this application for me as I hate leaving current app for some tiny task that could be easily done in smaller window. We were working with the floating technology for several months before we've got usable product - there are many limitations imposed by Android platform. We are glad it was downloaded by more than 300.000 users from Play Store and other tens of thousands from other places.
Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
@cruzheres Thanks!
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer / Onboarding.pro
@vaclavhodek Looks like a great product and scratches a big itch. Does it impact performance?
Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
@romanzadyrako In idle state, there is no impact on a phone's performance. If you open more windows, especially heavier apps like a browser or a video player, it may affect your device a bit - just like other apps. We tested it even on very old devices with single core processor and 512 MB RAM and it wasn't as smooth as on newer phones and tablets but still fast enough to use it.
Jack Sitt
Jack Sitt@jacksitt
As an IOS user I would love to use this - are there restrictions placed by apple preventing a launch on IOS?
Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
@jacksitt I'm sorry but this is only available on Android since it's using OS services to inject windows into Android's window manager. In many aspects, it's not a normal application. In fact, I'm not sure whether this is even possible on iOS. You may find similar products based on keyboard for iOS here on @producthunt.
jari@jarizwarts · Frontend @ Oberon.nl
Err, is this how it currently looks? Looks rather outdated, cool idea though.
Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
@jarizwarts This project is a few years old and also the GUI was designed to be really minimal to save as much space as possible since screens are really small on some phones :-).
NaweG@naweg · Consultant, Ewan Grantham & Associates
@vaclavhodek Will you be working on an update to give it a more modern look and feel then?
Václav Hodek
Václav HodekMaker@vaclavhodek · CEO, Effortix
@naweg @jarizwarts We are planning updates and already have done some work on new features and look. However, we have also a lot of work for our clients so there's not as much time for development as we would like to have.
Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie@hobbiejacob · Software Developer/Philosopher
@vaclavhodek Does that mean that the GUI will be updated with some MD icons at the very least?