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Afshin Mehrabani
Afshin MehrabaniMaker@afshinmeh · usablica
What is Floatalk? Floatalk is an on-site commenting and sharing tool that gives you the ability to express your opinions precisely on any given section of the page (e.g. photo, text, video). Instead of adding your comments at the end of webpages, you can create a conversation on specific part of webpage. Then, all Floatalk users will be able to see your talk and add more comments to it. Floatalk supports hashtags, mentioning and other facilities to make the Floatalk a real social network. How to use it? In order to activate Floatalk on any websites, you need to install in on your browsers with one of following ways: 1- Browser Extension (Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) 2- Bookmarklet 3- http://floatalk.it Here you can find detailed explanation for all installation solutions: http://floatalk.com/install But the easiest way to use Floatalk is http://floatalk.it domain. To enable Floatalk on a website, just add the domain name after http://floatalk.it. For example: http://floatalk.it/en.wikipedia.... Then, you will see the Floatalk's panel on the left side of the website. Click on the panel, open it and create your first conversation by clicking on the "Create talk" button. Also, you should be able to see other conversations on the page. Using http://floatalk.com you can check your friends activites, explore popular users or posts and more. Here is my Floatalk's profile: http://floatalk.com/afshinmeh What's next? We are working hard to complete our Android and iOS mobile applications that gives you this ability to check your friends feeds and also add comments to the webpages. Floatalk is actively under development and our next feature will be adding comments on precise moment of a video. Thank you, Floatalk team