Strong and elegant shelf for iMacs & Apple displays

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Hello everyone, My name is Steve King and I am the creator of the FLOAT Shelf - the largest, strongest, most elegant, and easiest to attach shelf for all iMacs and Apple displays. With 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns under my belt (HAND Stylus which raised over $300,000 and Remora - $30,000), I was inspired to create the FLOAT Shelf because I wanted to declutter my desktop and to display items I collect. To my mind, all the available iMac shelves are too small, flimsy, and challenging to attach. For comparison, here's an iMac shelf from Twelve South: https://www.amazon.com/Twelve-So... In addition, available iMac shelves fall short of the iMac's ultra-refined, minimalist aesthetic. So, after a year of producing concept sketches and prototypes (more details in my next email), I came up with the idea for the FLOAT Shelf-the largest, strongest, and most elegant shelf for iMacs. The Float Shelf features a patented, bracketless mount that allows it to easily and securely attach to all iMacs & Apple displays using just geometry and gravity. Having gone to high school with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it's a bit surreal to find myself now creating tech accessories designed to complement Apple's products, and I hope that my creations honor Apple's founders' legacies. Happy to hear all your thoughts, questions and feedback! - Steve King