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Looks cool... The one thing that I'd be MOST interested in knowing is price Would be cool to see 'my Virgin flight was 8.4/10 and I paid $650' - vs - 'my Virgin flight was 5.8/10 and I paid $725' Also from that I'd want to know when someone booked and from where to get a cheaper/better deal than me ha. Are these in the app? Otherwise I'm not sure I'd have the incentive to score my flight...price would be a BIG motivator
@bentossell pricing isn't in the app at this point in time, we are looking at adding this element and it's certainly a step we can add in the near future, alongside booking links. At this stage we tried to focus on the core function of the app which is scoring and sharing the flight experience...Thanks for the feedback!
@christopher_holmes yeh totally get it... but for me price would influence my scoring massively!
@bentossell @christopher_holmes Price can be crucial especially to track data on how they vary based on different season of the year for each individual flight. The one problem here is that what if I take a flight from LA to Washington DC with 2 stops. The only price I can add is the full itinerary so I won't be able to include it for each of the flights I have taken in that case. My question is: What is the incentive for the user to rate the flight? Why should I be bothered per say?
@cemedericarak @bentossell the price is something we will be looking into of course, some users are interested, others are simply interested in the experience itself, we've had some users say 'the beauty is that the app rates a leg regardless of how much you pay to give an overall picture of an airline quality' With regards to your question: What is the incentive for the user to rate the flight? Why should I be bothered per say? My answer would be firstly we think the app is interesting and fun to use, capturing and saving a flight interests a lot of frequent flyers. Secondly the same reason that people leave reviews on any service or experience, such as food, hotels, rental cars and so on. Generally as humans we like to feel part of a community and for the most part that corresponds to a feeling of responsibility to offer advice to others based on experience. So if the tool or platform is available our belief is that people will want to share scores so that others can avoid poor service and experience, or make sure they book the best. People that travel frequently build up an incredible level of experience and insight so we hope they can use Fllike to share that knowledge with friends, family and like minded travellers. Thank you for the feedback and taking a look at our app!
@christopher_holmes @bentossell Thanks for the explanation. It totally makes sense. An issue with this though I feel is the crew of each flight is different. And usually the same crew doesn't even do the same flights everyday. So if I was a flight attendant, I don't always fly with the same crew members on the same one flight between two cities. So rating a specific flight might be misjudging it for the next ones to come. Your case is very interesting though because I am 100% sure, airline companies would love these valuable insights and you gather them for each specific flight and not just on a general basis about the company. So I feel you can definitely partner with airline companies to integrate your system with their existing apps or software to give them direct access to what users said for each flight. That way they can keep track of that and act accordingly to identify if there are trends that things go wrong because of the same crew being on those or any other potential issues they can't really identify otherwise. I hope this makes sense. And good luck!
Hello Product Hunt community! I'm Chris, one of the founders of Fllike. This app has been designed and built by myself and close friend Simon (just us two) and we’re excited to finally be able to share our new travel app. We love travelling, flying, we believe the whole journey is an experience and felt there could and should be a more beautiful and simple way to share a flight experience. We've built an app that's quick and simple to use, create your score and share your flight experience. So what makes Fllike unique: ▸ SWIPE TO SCORE -Scan your boarding pass or enter your flight number and use our unique sliders to quickly create your flight experience score. ▸ SHARE YOUR JOURNEY - Had a great flight let your friends know! Upload your photos and share your flight score across social media. ▸ TRACK YOUR TRAVEL - Fllike will automatically build your profile keeping track of how far you travel, the flights you take and the places you’ve seen. ▸ SEARCH THE SKY - Use Fllike to browse flights and airlines by highest score before you book. ▸ BROWSE GLOBAL SCORES - Use the feed to see daily scores and photos from travellers around the world, be inspired and join our travel community. We’re looking to add more features, improvements and design touches over time. Hope you like the app.
This could become not only a product for passengers to make decision which airlines to fly, but also a great tool to influence airlines to point on their weak and strong sides.
@aramiggs thanks for the feedback - we totally agree. We created Fllike as a great tool for travellers but also to provide airlines access to simple metrics so they can evaluate how their flights are performing in specific areas. Thanks!
@christopher_holmes you could also make a public leaderboard of airlines based on scores provided by passengers :) it will be more motivating for airlines to pay attention to your product. Good luck :)
@aramiggs sure - that's actually in the app already, we have an airlines table that ranks the airlines by overall user score, as we get more users that will populate over time!
@christopher_holmes unfortunately, can't experience it :( any chance to wait for an Android app?
@aramiggs we could only manage iOS at this stage. We have plans for Android in the near future and we have started work on the app, hopefully we'll launch that early next year!
Probably a stretch goal, but booking from the app based on good reviews for airlines would be awesome. It would give much more confidence when flying an airline I'm not used to.
@allthingsmarco totally agree! That's certainly a step we'd like to make - booking is a longer term goal but it's an element we've recently been designing. Thanks so much for the feedback!
Wow. Haven't downloaded an app that fast in a while. I'm going to check it out now. Bye!!
@themelamini thanks - really hope you like the app. We have a lot more to come soon, thanks for the support!