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#3 Product of the DayApril 22, 2019
Flixier is an online video editing tool with 1 minute video rendering for any video on any computer, streamlined communication features for sending project drafts for review or sign-off without the need for rendering and real-time Google Docs collaboration.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
This is like Google Stadia for video editing. I'm really excited about apps that will be making us independent of our hardware and will stream services over the cloud.
Really like the concept, will you guys support 4k editing?
Hey @nick_gc , It is definitely on the road-map though we don't have an ETA at the moment.
Will Flixier allow me to save my cuts until I want to trash them. Will I be able to go back and retrieve sections previously cut?
Yes @june_malcolm, you will have a history of your project where you can go back and select a previous version. This is still WIP though.
Great job!! 😁 You just said this would do 1 min rendering with any computer, could you explain this with support ting case studies
Thanks @ayush_chandra ! :) We don't have any case studies yet, the thing is that we process everything in the cloud (very similar to Google Stadia or Nvidia Geforce Now) and it is like offering you the speed of many computers when you need to render (so it doesn't matter what computer you have). We worked really hard to make this viable in terms of cost though.
@paul_ruscior great !! Will try it out
Thank you @ayush_chandra, please keep in mind that we are in beta and this Hunt really took us by surprise. Please contact us with any issues you encounter!
How fast can incumbent video editors copy this idea?
Hey @some_day_man It took us almost a year to get to this point and there is still a lot to work on it. Though we can't compare with some of the big players in terms of resources hopefully they won't catch-up very soon.