An AI powered tv & movie assistant

Flixi is an android, iOS and web app that serves as your TV & movie personal assistant. It’s an AI that tracks your tv shows, provides tailored recommendations, streaming links & intelligent notifications based on your interests.
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This app was created to help make anyone & everyone's movie and tv watching easier. Even if you only use a single source for all your content like Netflix, there are several benefits that come from using an app like this.
It looks way better than other similar websites but unfortunately I am not going to use it if there is no import function. I have hundreds of watched movies and I am not going to bring them in manually unless I am 100% sure your website will offer something more.
@duiker101 Hi Simone! We're currently working on an import function. Where is your current list hosted at and does it have an export function? We are trying to be as inclusive as possible to all portals.
@evinkuraga that's great to hear! I have it a bit everywhere but mostly I use as a central one Imdb
@duiker101 Perfect opportunity for testing! We're currently working on IMDB import function. Could you share with us a link to your list or the csv file? We need a large list to test on. If you don't mind, you can email us the csv or give us the url to your list page at flixiofficial@gmail.com. Thanks!!
@evinkuraga Are you working on Trackt import?
@evinkuraga , support for Criticiker and Trakt would be nice!
I really like the app and idea. I just wish it didn't require you to create an account if you just want to test it out. Otherwise, wonderful app!
@thiscodeworks Hi Mishka. We've debated this point greatly for a while.. but, since this app syncs with all devices (iOS, Android & web), it was the only way to make sure no data was lost from a user. Btw! making an account is free and only requires an email and username :).. So it only takes a few seconds to make. Thanks for the feedback!
Download iOS app and UX is very bad feels like WebView