Flixfindr for iOS

More flix, less clicks

Hello hunters! Our new iOS app has all the great filters and information as our site, plus we made it really easy to share a movie you just discovered with your friends. We'd love to hear your feedback or answer any questions. Thanks for checking out the app!
wanted to love this, but the experience is broken as it is not pointing/deep linking to the mobile apps of netflix or amazon
Hi @ourielohayon - we don't have deep linking in the app yet, so we're linking out to the source's mobile web experience for now. The main use case we're solving for is finding where to watch something - we found that people were less interested in watching a movie on their phone. It is a feature we want to add though, so stay tuned for an update. Thanks for the feedback!
@tmyknze i hear you. but the point is not about watching on the phone which i agree is the not the best experience but to easily bookmark it within your list and the native app is great for that. one more suggestions: filters are too deep down. 1 tap would be better and a filter movie/tv would be great too. one last: recency: last added movie/tv shows would be a great filter
@ourielohayon totally agree - great suggestions! Saving movies you want to watch later is next on our list. The experience we have queued up is really great - I'd love to update you when it's live and hear what you think!