Netflix search engine

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I normally spend more time searching for stuff to watch, then actually watching something.
@dredurr Hopefully we fix this issue for you :)
hard to use on mobile, having better results with yidio which allows me to add HBO, Amazon and others to my search
@passingnotes We'll be sure to optimize the mobile as soon as possible.
Finding the best movies among everything Netflix has to offer isn't always easy, but now there's Flixed. It's a search engine for Netflix which shows IMDb ratings, Metacritic scores and in what region something you're looking for is available. This makes finding the next thing I'm gonna watch so much easier... 🍿🎬
@plhetp Thanks for the share! :)
Need a Canadian version :)
@andreflores87 The search engine searches every Netflix region at once, although you can filter for just the Canadian if you choose to do so.
Autocomplete would be great. Happy 2 help.
@ercinfilizli Good suggestion! Added to the list. If you ever want to reach out: thenuka@flixed.io