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Hello Product Hunters! πŸ˜ƒ First of all thank you @kwdinc for hunting FLIX, we appreciate your time & all the feedback. @parambyte , @n1shant and @adityaundefined launched FLIX recently out of the beta and few customers are already using it. FLIX is easiest way for businesses to produce videos at scale. Its DIY - video production platform that helps businesses to produce professional quality videos from phone. We worked with script-writers and directors to create storyboards/templates that walks you step-by-step of shooting video, our automatic contextual editing algorithm kicks in to convert your raw footage into professional looking videos. - 25+ professionally crafted storyboards across 8 business categories - Personalisation and customisation through watermarking and brand asset library - Cloud Archive - Auto Upload Raw footage to FLIX Cloud - Choose from Text Caption and Text Title templates, customise with effects and animations - Curated commercially licensed background music scores - Powered by - Innovative automatic contextual editing video engine - Post and track your videos on Facebook/Youtube We want to help you exploit the power of videos for your business, while making it easy, fast, flexible and affordable to produce videos itself. We recently pushed big update :- https://broll.yogurtlabs.co/flix... Would love to hear from you, please give it a try and if you have any question - we would love to answer them.
Is it just me, or has this become a really busy market area within the past month or so... πŸ™ƒ Don't get me wrong, I like the idea. πŸ‘
@as_austin :-), It is increasingly becoming interesting space but only because problem is exciting and challenging. We are moving into Video-first world, businesses need videos that can educate, entertain, communicate and engages their customers on social media. Solution like FLIX is helping them achieve this while making practically possible to produce video contents at scale. Would love to hear if you have any question or more feedback. Thanks
Damn cool ! How is it easer/better than Magisto ? I just loved the ease of use of Magisto.com
@divakarpranav Thanks. FLIX help you to create non-slideshow videos, makes it easier to create videos like customer testimonials, client profiles, event highlights or even product demo's etc. , but there is some learning curve when you get started. Magisto/Animoto apps are great for creating slideshow videos, they are very easy to get started. I hope that answer your question. Shardul
Awesome. A great replacement for @videolicious - which crashed every single time I tried to open it. @getflixapp @kwdinc @n1shant @parambyte @shardulmohite @adityaundefined
@elizabethhunker Glad you liked it. Although to be fair @videolicious is great for creating news stories, while @getflixapp let you create variety of business videos. Would love to hear your feedback and answer if you have any questions. Thank you for sharing our excitement. @kwdinc @n1shant @parambyte @adityaundefined
Shardul and team are some of the most relentless and focused product people I know and this is a great product, having seen its early versions its come such a long way. And solves an amazing problem for small companies and SMBs.. Get it to android too please :) btw.. Does one have to pay for customized storyboards?
@adityarao310 Thanks Aditya, We have indeed come a long way. We are working hard to get Android app out soon. Also, one dont have to pay for customized storyboards, we are going to make it very easy to create your own storyboards through user-friendly storyboarding tool in upcoming releases.